LBG Mission: To enable our clients to capitalize on their talent and knowledge assets now and for the future.
What We do

LBG provides hands-on, experiential
training and coaching for groups,
teams, functions and individuals,
using proven techniques,
tools and processes.

We partner with clients to help
them create and sustain an internal
knowledge capture and transfer capability.

Knowledge Sharing
  • Retirements
  • Executive transitions
  • Gaps in expertise and skills
  • On-boarding & talent development
  • Lack of bench depth; small talent pool
  • Uneven best practices
  • Fast growth
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Geographic workforce dispersion
  • Support for strategic initiatives
  • Smoother succession planning
  • Cost savings
  • Avoidance of project delays, rework
  • Preservation of knowledge assets:
    • Stakeholder, client relationships
    • Skills essential for now & future
    • Undocumented tacit know-how
    • Product/process histories
  • Enhanced innovation
  • Deepened talent pool
Align & Focus

Systematically identify knowledge to preserve

  • Align with business strategy & needs
  • Focus on business-critical
    knowledge sources
  • Select knowledge recipients
  • Analyze cost savings
  • Identify innovation opportunities
Select & Imlement

Match transfer strategy to needs, personnel, resources

  • Analyze transfer situation:
    1. Degree of urgency
    2. Type of knowledge
    3. Resource constraints
  • Train key personnel to use tools, techniques, structured processes

Integrate knowledge sharing processes
into organization

  • Upload captured knowledge to internal web sites
  • Assimilate into existing processes
    1. Succession planning
    2. On-boarding
    3. Retirement planning
    4. Talent development
  • Set up progress monitoring systems